New York City
Street Furniture



Client: CEMUSA - Spain/USA  2005 to 2008.
Designers: Grimshaw Industrial Design by Billings Jackson

JvStedingk capacity:  Lead Designer

New York City Art Commission:
Award for Excellence in Design 200
IDSA and Business Week:
International Design Excellence Awards 2008, Bronze


This design won the bid for the Coordinated Street Furniture Franchise of New York City, a contract involving a 1.3 billion$ investment for the Spanish media company Cemusa, beating other finalists JC Decaux and Viacom who had put forward designs by Fosters and local architects.

3300 bus shelters were installed across the city, as well as 320 newsstands and 30 public toilets, with an additional option for a number of smaller public service structures such as trash cans and internet information points (yet to be implemented).  The first shelter was inaugurated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on December 18th 2006, saying they will be ‘a compelling add for New York’. They have now laid their mark on the cistyscape an are visible all across the city.





The contract included the design of 320 newstands. 
They were developped in consultation with the newstand operators,
studying their movements and particular requirements such as
maximised display space and storage.  It was derived from the 'kit of parts'
system of the bus shelter.  




The modularity of the bus shelter allows for short and long
versions and adapts to gradients.
Care was taken to develop a design that fits into the different
areas of the city, whether modern or historic.  A simple yet distinctive
shape was developed with a large degree of transparency leaving
an un-obstructed view.

For a safe night-time environment, sufficient lighting (there are LED
versions available) is provided by the add panel and the integrated
information panel (below, left).  As much information as possible -
such as back-lit bus schedules and stop name on the outside -
has been contained within the structure to avoid excessive street clutter.




 pictures courtesy cemusa, grimshaw industrial design / billingsjackson design