Face Recognition R&D guidance

Jonas von Stedingk contributed to the development of a Face Recognition system for use within the rail industry.  His role consisted in guiding the R&D with User Experience input, finding upstream solutions ensuring optimal user-friendliness for passengers as well as for operators. He also gave overall input into the setup of the whole system, going through user scenarios and initiating a Service Design process for future applications. 


Innovation strategy consulting for LED-UV water purification

Stedingk Industrial Design advised on strategies to energise the innovation potential for the use of LED UV based water sterilization devices in the non-medical fields.  It included studies in how to make appropriate use of social media participation in ideation and R&D, the pros and cons of Stage Gate systems, as well as identifying software tools to support the innovation processes. 


Downtown Doha Bench, Cycle Racks and Drinking Fountain

Installation of the bespoke benches, cycle racks and drinking fountains designed by Jonas von Stedingk and Harry Dobbs (Harry Dobbs Design) finally got underway in this prestigious 31 hectare development adjacent to the Emir’s Palace. The items needed to feel at home in a traditional Qatari environment as well as in the beautiful new public spaces of Downtown Doha. This was achieved through a careful balance of cultural, social and technical drivers.
- The bench is a take on the traditional Gulf benches allowing heightened seating.
- The cycle rack evokes the rotational movement of the wheel, with a circumferential ‘imprint’ or tread relating to other patterns in the development.
- The drinking fountain shape is derived from the features of an old well, as well as the gear of the long-gone waterman; the basin is made of a beautiful but sturdy bronze-aluminium alloy, commonly used to make ship propellers. 

Qatar Public Realm Street Furniture Installed

This second project in Qatar by Stedingk Industrial Design in collaboration with Harry Dobbs Design has now resulted in the installation of the first benches, LED streetlights and litterbins on site.  These designs were made for an Aecom-led nation-wide landscaping project. After an initial round of development and prototyping working with the prestigious Spanish street furniture specialists Escofet, they went into manufacture and were delivered to two of the initial sites in Doha (however not in the public domain yet).  As for the earlier Msheireb Downtown project, it is worth noting that the elements were developed and built with practically no alterations to the original designs, highlighting the technical expertise and manufacturing knowledge of our practice. This project also included the design of bus shelters, a series of kiosks, shading structures, public toilets, as well as a full range of street and pedestrian lights.   




2015-16 Highlights:

Qatar Downtown Doha Street Furniture

After final prototype reviews and sign-off, the series production of two of the designs for the Msheireb Downtown Doha bespoke street furniture got underway during 2015 at the Italian factory Ghisamestieri.  The first installation of street lamps and litter receptacles took place in the Heritage Quarter and in front of the Qatar Academy School in this central premium location of the city bordering on the Emir’s Palace. After some delays, initial phases of the Msheireb site are nearing completion. Further installations of the remaining street furniture elements designed by Stedingk Industrial Design in collaboration with Harry Dobbs Design are due for 2016 and 2017.  The range comprises various models of streetlights, pedestrian lights, benches, as well as cycle racks, drinking fountains, ceremonial masts and tram shelters.   

Vertical axis wind turbine

Development continued on this revolutionary vertical axis turbine, driven by the developer Aerogenerator Project Ltd. in collaboration with Cranfield University.  Stedingk Design has been consulting on the product design and industrialisation of the smaller turbine to make it a market-ready item.  Some of the immediate commercial aspirations for this community-  or farm-sized turbine have been temporarily held back by changes in the wind energy legislation in the UK. However the project still continues.


Msheireb Downtown Doha Tram Shelter

Final technical development stages were undertaken for these large and highly ornamental structures, designed by Jonas von Stedingk and Harry Dobbs.  Only three will be made for one of the most prestigious locations within the Msheireb development, the main street leading up to the famous Souk. They have been qualified as specialized ‘works of art’ rather than plain street furniture, in spite of being fully functional shelters.   Prototyping has been finalized and production will start once the site is ready.      




2014 Highlights:

Qatar Public Realm

2014 saw the continuation of the development of the Qatar Public Realm street furniture and the commissioning of prototypes. The collaboration between Stedingk Industrial Design and Harry Dobbs Design for this Aecom-led nation-wide project is leading to the installation of a full range of furniture in designated landscape mock-up areas across the country, with the some versions to be rolled out and others serving as models for future developments.  

Vertical axis wind turbine

2014 also saw the kick-off for the complete development of a 30kW vertical axis wind turbine, leading to testing and rating of a fully market-ready product. Stedingk Industrial Design has been commissioned to develop designs optimizing architectural and planning permission issues, finding strategies to facilitate installation and minimising environmental impact.   

Msheireb Downtown Doha Street Furniture

Construction on the Msheireb Downtown Doha 31 hectare premium location development has progressed at a rapid pace and will soon see the installation of the first street furniture elements developed by Stedingk Industrial Design in collaboration with Harry Dobbs Design. Final tweaks were made to prototypes and production given go ahead for a number of items.  Detail development for lighting elements and a large tram shelter structure was continued and further prototypes are expected in 2015.


2013 Highlights : 

Street Furniture for the Qatar Public Realm

In a continued collaboration between Architects and Urban Design practice Harry Dobbs Design and Stedingk Industrial Design, a second project in Qatar was undertaken in 2013. For this Aecom-led project for the Qatar Public Works Authority (Ahsghal), Dobbs and Stedingk are designing bespoke collections of benches, street lighting, shading structures, litter bins, kiosks, public toilets and bus shelters as well as contributing to the Qatar Public Realm Design Guidelines intended for use throughout the country. Complete landscape mock-ups with furniture prototypes are being commissioned.

The designs seek to balance the requirements of a highly functional range of industrialised items suitable for a nation-wide roll-out with the capability to respond to the more specific needs and characters of local areas and typologies.  Additionally, sensitivity to Qatari formal language was translated into a forward-looking expression to support the nation’s Vision for 2030 of a knowledge-based society on the world stage.

The prototypes for the first pieces are being commissioned, while development on the remaining items will continue through 2014.


Downtown Doha Street Furniture Prototypes

Dobbs and Stedingk continued the development of the street furniture elements designed for the Msheireb Downtown Doha development (see 2012 Highlights) and prepared the technical tender material for manufacturer selection. The Italian foundry and fabrication specialist Ghisamestrieri was appointed through a thorough tendering process by Msheireb Properties.  Dobbs and Stedingk took on a very active role in the interviews and the reviews of technical submissions.  Production prototypes of the 22m mast, the street lighting elements, benches, litter bins and drinking fountain were subsequently produced and shipped to Doha for review.   

Development of the remaining items is on-going. 


2012 Highlights : 

Downtown Doha Street Furniture, Qatar

A collaboration between Stedingk Industrial Design and urban designer outfit Harry Dobbs Design won the international design competition for bespoke street furnishing elements for the Downtown Doha development in the centre of the Qatari capital. Sixteen different types of furnishing elements were developed for this prestigious 31 hectare, $5.5 billion mixed-use development by Msheireb Properties (a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation, see mdd.msheireb.com) on a prime location to the immediate South of the Emir’s Palace and connecting to the Souk to the west.

Dobbs and Stedingk designed a series of elements including 22m ceremonial lighting masts along the palace’s southern boundary, road lighting and pedestrian lighting across the development, as well as benches, tram shelters, kiosks, cycle racks, drinking fountains, litter bins and bollards.

At the initiative of Her Highness Sheikha Mohza, the Downtown Doha development shows a new path for urbanisation in the Gulf, achieving a highly relevant and unique model drawing on a combination of resolutely contemporary solutions and traditional modes of public life and urban texture, with subtle and non-literal references to Qatari roots. Prestigious international architects like Allies and Morrison, David Adjaye, AECOM, HOK, Eric Parry, Michel Mossessian, and others, were given this brief.

To furnish the resulting pedestrian-friendly public spaces there was a need for new design thinking with a specific cultural sensitivity, resulting in a competition for bespoke street furnishings. Key to Dobbs and Stedingk’s response was a thorough research of Qatari formal language, materials and traditional uses resulting in simple and clear proposals resonating with their local context, without literally referring to it.

The first phase of the development is due for completion in September 2013 and will showcase some of the furnishing elements (which until then will need to remain under cover!). A complete roll-out across all six phases of the site will be completed in the following years. 



2012 Highlights :

Emblem for IKEA Systems

In a colaboration between Stedingk Design and fashion designer Isabelle Fraysse, graphics and their applications to products of the IKEA College shop in Delft where developed, along with consulting for potential product developments.