Cladding system

Client: Spinlock UK  2005
Designers: Grimshaw Industrial Design by Billings
JvStedingk Capacity: Co-Designer


Spinlock is a world leader in yacht rope holding technology, covering 90% of the racing yacht market. In order to expand their market, they sought to apply their know-how to the building industry. Using synthetic fibre rope like aramid instead of cable is already a proven technology in the tough conditions of oil rig platforms in the North Sea. It is fire resistant and does not present the same expansion issues as steel.  Together with cladding specialist Sean Billings, a quick-assembly curtain wall system stretching up to 15m in height was developed, allowing for both curvature and inclination.



Illustration of mounting sequence of a 15m high wall
(sketch by Aidan Jamison)
Test rig of prototyped system at GIG Fasadenbau in Austria (left) and Spinlock equipped America cup racing yacht (right).

 pictures courtesy spinlock, gig fasadenbau, grimshaw industrial design / billingsjackson design