Designed for People


We all have our favourite objects that make us smile when we use them, or bring an overall experience that is just right.  Human beings connect to their objects, tools, habitats, to information and communication not only through all their senses, but also with their minds, emotions, rational and irrational sides and - for some - with their spirit. Our mind then somehow orchestrates all this into an experience. Objects and their functions carry a multitude of messages which will engage all these different facets of our being.

So when these messages are too many, disarticulated, artificially clamouring for attention rather than offering coordinated clarity and a strong meaning, becoming superlatives causing their own meaninglessness, what can we do?



Each new object, function or experience worth making has its own natural and beautiful solution waiting to be discovered, walking a careful balance between cultural and functional drivers. Both client and designer partake in the creation process and together establish clear and imaginative briefs. In addition, where appropriate, we apply Service Design principles to pull together a truly optimised overall user experience.


A good product stems from a variety of skills: understanding people and markets, strategic and systems thinking. But also, crucially, from the coming together of creative ideas and technical solutions.        Read more >

Picture, top
Exploration of single-shelled stackable chairs
Jonas von Stedingk and Eoin Billings 2007
Picture, left
Evaporation cooler  incorporating a herbal garden, gently reminding to add water regularly.  Speculative prototype,
Jonas von Stedingk and Halvor Thorsen 2000