Marseille harbour 11.5 MW
BIPV solar power plant


Client:  Nur Energie - UK 2009
Architects: Archi-tecture
Engineers: Solar Enviro Partners, SPIE
Stedingk Industrial Design:
Joint submission co-ordination and graphics


 In a continued collaboration with Nur Energie, a competition was entered - and won - for 11.5 MW of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels onto the roofs of 15 large warehouses of the Marseille harbour. JvStedingk’s role was to jointly co-ordinate the submission working closely with the developer arm of Nur Energie, the archtiectural practice Archi-tecturem and PV integrators SEP to comply with a complex brief. 


Graphics for the submission document were also developed to reflect the clear, forward looking but matter-of-fact spirit of the entrant consortium.

The winning of this bid put Nur Energie firmly on the world map as a leading solar developer.


Above: Calculating the effect of the proximity of large
ships on the efficiency of the plant

pictures courtesy nur energie and archi-tecture