Client: Poltrona Frau - Italy 2004
Designers: Grimshaw Architects and Billings Jackson 

JvStedingk Capacity: Co-Designer


Initially designed for the Experimental Media and Performance Arts Centre of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute up-state New York, this chair now forms part of the commercial range of the prestigious Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau, for whom it was developed.   This an example of a project which was made possible by serving as an intermediary between the architects of a large-scale project and a quality supplier.


Particular to theatre seating is that the placement must allow for differences in sizes and shapes of the seats, adapting to the different areas and vertical viewing angles of the auditorium. The legs are of laser-cut steel plate, allowing to adjust seat and back angles by a simple change of cutting data. The maple veneered shells, all from a same mould, can similarly be cut to different sizes and shapes.

pictures courtesy poltrona frau, grimshaw architects and billingsjackson design